Being located in the center of Iran and having a vast area has made biodiversity in Isfahan province one of the most diverse in the country. Isfahan is located on the migration path of many living species. For instance, Pleske’s ground jay which is the only endemic species to Iran, is easily observable in Isfahan. Furthermore, the migration path of cheetah, which is one Iran’s endemic mammals and world’s important species, passes through Isfahan. As a result of Gavkhouni and some other permanent and seasonal wetlands, some protected areas, wildlife refuges and national parks being located in Isfahan, broad spectrum of species are living in the province. One of the vastest protected areas in Iran is Abbas Abad which is located in Isfahan. In this refuge, mountainous and desert habitats are seen together. A vast diversity of feliforms, caniforms, leopards, cheetahs, Pallas’s cats, sand cats, wild goats, wild sheep, gazelles and chinkaras exist in this habitat. People of the province in different parts have lifestyles in accordance with nature. For instance, locals let wildlife species drink from wells or reservoirs. Isfahan is a vast province with astonishing regions. Therefore, Women Society Against Environmental Pollution (WSAEP) has paid special attention to the protection and revival of living species for a long time.